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Yacht Asia Buyers

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We are based in Hong Kong since 2007. Our Business Model was initiated and established thanks to a personal story driven by a passion for yachting.

The founder of Yacht Asia Buyers, a long time yachter, CEO of a group of companies totally unrelated to yachting (e.g. Construction, Refinery, etc…) had been searching to replace her fairly old Yacht, for her personal use, during many months / years with a reasonable, although not unlimited, budget. Not willing to spend around 40 to 50 million Hong Kong dollars for a brand new yacht for the size that she had in mind (about 80 to 85 feet), and after having unsuccessfully explored a limited regional second hand Asian market (including International Brokers) offers, and finally after having considered but ultimately abandoned the possibility to opt for a new and locally fabricated yacht in various Asian countries, she had no other alternative in pursuing her passion, than to gradually turn her eyes in the direction of the pre-owned Western Yachts markets.

She then embarked upon a long trip, that oft times felt more like an obstacle race, but which ultimately  led her to discover all the steps from the understanding of the markets in Europe and later in US, to the search, the acquisition and finally to the delivery of her chosen yacht to her home country.

It is only once the yacht finally arrived in Asia, and recollecting upon the number of obstacles that were successfully surmounted, and feeling the satisfaction of having performed a fantastic acquisition at an exceptional price, the original idea of allowing other Asian yachters, who were driven by the same passion of yachting and with the same objectives, to benefit from her experience came into shape. This turned gradually into a plan of a well-structured business model.During the first 2 years the model was applied, fine-tuned, enriched mainly through the acquisition and delivery of yachts for relatives and friends, before being extended gradually to a larger population. It is from about 2011 that we built an effective and professional regional franchise, present in all the main Asia Pacific countries through professional native representatives.

They are the local points of contacts, able to build the confidence and with the help of our team, to answer all your questions at any time, to make a first presentation of our services at your home or office, to keep you informed and updated on all of the key steps and challenges involved in the acquisition and delivery of your yacht.


Concurrently to the regional franchise a strong centralized organizational set up was developed :

  • A dedicated Research Team (today 3 people) for continuous market surveillance, visits of the Boat Shows in particular in Europe and US, permanent updates of the offers received from brokers for potential suitable targeted yachts, updates of broker’s listings, etc…
  • A dedicated IT tool developed in house to establish and update our huge data base of yachts for sale and follow them from the moment they are on sale until such time as they are effectively sold.
  • A dedicated Logistics Team (today 2 people) to establish and update our data base of providers in all countries at all stages of the acquisition / delivery process: surveyors, crews, tax advisers, lawyers, customs agencies and staff, etc…

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