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Yacht Asia Buyers

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Acquisition Fee

The fees do not result in any extra costs for the Buyer. They are two folds:

  • Share of fees with the selling broker (which would be paid by the buyer anyway when dealing with the selling broker).
  • Success fees based on the discounted price negotiated by Yacht Asia Buyers i.e. fees based on the difference between the lowest price offered on the market for the same yacht (*) and the final price of acquisition of the yacht.
(*) Remember that we have informed in our website that exactly the same yacht may be offered at difference prices from different brokers. We will therefore show you in full transparency all the prices offered for the said yacht and only the lowest price will be used to determine the base of the success fee.

Post-acquisition and delivery logistics Fee

A proportionate management fee is charged on the post acquisition and transport costs.
This management fee is however largely compensated by the cost reductions that we obtain on the transport and post-acquisition costs.


The details of our fees will be communicated at the time of our first meeting. Please note that when taken as a whole, the fees charged are extremely modest, even negligible considering the realized gains / cost savings on the acquisition and delivery of your yacht. To appreciate same, all that needs to be done is to compare the total acquisition costs with the market value of the yacht in your destination country.