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Yacht Asia Buyers

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A chain of fully integrated and personalized services
With each link being of high value-added for our clients


During a first meeting following your call or your mail

A first meeting will take place between you and one of our local representatives along with our CEO / technical advisers (who have specialized expertise by products and markets), in your preferred language, in your country, in order to well understand in details what you want, what will be the use and the purpose of your yacht, what is the acquisition price you would not wish to exceed.
If you are an experienced yachter and have precise ideas of your needs and even in some instances on the Yacht brand which you would like, we will strictly and cautiously take note of all the information we receive from you to orientate our search to establish the most appropriate selection.
On the contrary, should it be your first yacht or should you have no precise idea of the requirements or exact type of yacht that would suit you most, we advise and guide you in your choice; we will provide you with plenty of practical recommendations and tips, the knowledge of which are in our opinion essential for any yacht owner, in order to make this purchase fully enjoyable and successful.
Finally applying our ethical principles, we will only recommend a yacht only if we are fully convinced that it fits precisely with your needs. Also we will not accept any mandate without having informed the new yachters (not necessary for the experienced owners) on the degree of care taking and costs that are attached to the possession of a yacht.

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Worlwide Preselection Listing The best 20-25 yachts pre-selected (Meeting)

Following our meeting and the understanding of your needs and requirements, we embark upon a comprehensive and exclusive search with three phases.

The first phase to begin with is a quantitative search. Thanks to our specially in house developed IT system, based on rich database and dedicated search team, we identify on a large number of websites and brokers worldwide (virtually all countries on the planet) yachts that could potentially correspond to your needs (sometimes several hundred depending on the level of specificity of your search criteria / needs).

We are capable of establishing correlation curves and other statistics depending on age, condition etc…, to systematically identify the same yacht on offer at different prices at different brokers, and to determine in most cases (by cross checking of data) the first date of offer for sale and any subsequent changes in the offer price etc…., all information that is extremely precious in the subsequent negotiation process.

Armed with these search results, we conduct a purely qualitative analysis on a first selection of yachts. We then contact the various brokers in order to obtain additional information and seek clarification on any imprecisions in the yacht description sheets, whether it relates to their history, maintenance, exact nature of either mechanical or esthetical upgrades, their use etc…

It is only after the methodical and professional conduct of these first two phases, that we are in a position to present you with a reliable selection of around 20 to 25 yachts (average number depending on the level of specificity of needs) which meet the totality or vast majority of your requirements.

We will furnish you with all the different technical specification sheets with the corresponding offer prices (at each stage we act in complete transparency and under your control), providing you with our commentary and a priority listing of offers that, after exchanges and possible changes to take on board your comments, will serve as the basis for the yacht visiting program.

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Call Inspection Report sent to the Client for each Yacht visited

After your validation of the final pre-selection of yachts to be considered, we organize systematical inspections of the yachts in the various countries where they are berthed.
Our inspections are always carried out with the participation of an experienced professional engineer, permanent staff of Yacht Asia Buyers, who is dedicated to this task (*).
This type of pre-technical inspection is a unique service although we consider it to be an indispensable part in choosing the best yachts to meet the needs of our clients. It allows us to proceed at an early stage of the acquisition process, right from the first visit and before any negotiation, to an evaluation and comparison of yachts that is based not only on esthetics but also on the state of the engine, components… (Generator set, air-conditioning, etc…).
We strive to visit and negotiate the maximum number of yachts corresponding to your criteria, so as to play the competition to a maximum between the different sellers and to ultimately focus in on those sellers displaying a real interest and motivation to sell. Based on our experience, it is necessary to visit an average of 20 to 25 yachts for one search.

(*) Notwithstanding these technical inspections conducted on all the yachts visited, an expertise by a registered marine surveyor remains necessary on the single yacht finally selected for purchase (e.g. Survey of the hull after lifting the yacht, sea trial, engines and inverters oil analysis, etc…).

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At the best possible price Final shortlist of 3 yachts (Meeting)

Many yachting professionals, acting under the double assumption of yacht prices being high price items with owners or potential buyers obligatorily from high wealthy society, end up losing, consciously or otherwise, any sense of economy and price savings when it consists of the money of their clients.

For us on the contrary the purchase of a yacht, on your behalf, at the best possible price is the very essence of our philosophy and mindset at Yacht Asia Buyers. At the risk of appearing less noble and somewhat miserly, we consider on the contrary that there is no such thing as small savings and we believe that every reduction obtained throughout the process is good for our clients.

For each yacht inspected we provide you with a Call Inspection Report where we analyze the pros and cons, and offer our opinions and recommendations.

At the end of the inspection program, we provide you with an “Opportunities short list”, duly substantiated, which prioritizes the few best offers available after final negotiation.

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After visit by you of the yacht of your choice, signature of the sale agreement

Based on the information remitted to you (i.e. all the call inspection reports established, all the photos taken, the opportunities short list,) and duly commented with you during a dedicated meeting, you make your final choice at this stage on the yacht which you have decided to acquire. You formally instruct us to proceed with the said acquisition.

However unless exceptional circumstances and expressed demand from the client, Yacht Asia Buyers will not sign any pre-sale agreement with the broker’s seller before we have arranged for our client to visit his/her final choice of yacht.
Indeed we believe that for our client’s satisfaction and security, the acquisition of a multi-thousand/million dollar asset deserves the modest time and cost efforts of a trip to Europe or the US. Far from being a burden, this visit will be for both you and us a real pleasure; it will allow us to help you discover your yacht and continue and complete the abundant exchanges we would have had with you in the preceding weeks.

It is only after your visit that we proceed to the signature of the pre-sale agreement, and then, once the professional expertise is completed with positive results, the final sale agreement.

We accomplish all these formalities in the most appropriate way that ensures the protection of your interests: choice of a totally independent marine surveyor, possible intervention in specific circumstances (e.g. linked to country, counterparty or amount involved) of a local lawyer for the verification of documentation, opening of an escrow account to ensure security of deposit, etc…..

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In view of the complex logistics involved, bringing home the yacht which has been purchased in any part of the world is one of the other main challenges facing the new owner.

Like for the preceding search and acquisition phases, we provide you with an exclusive delivery service, bearing in mind that each delivery is unique with its own set of requirements necessitating permanent adaptation to the situations encountered along the way.

In this regard, from the first moment following the signing of the sale agreement and until you receive your yacht “at home”, we will assist you in a multitude of steps, most often involving several different interlocutors for each of them.

We will spare you from an almost incredible number of contacts, exchanges, administrative tasks, settlements, legal and regulatory formalities which are highly time consuming requiring both experience and patience in dealing with and all the ins and outs of the whole delivery process. We will untie for you all the various knots that invariably arise along the way in bringing your acquisition to its new destination.

Also as with the acquisition phase, we will always choose the service providers that best meet your interests and permanent cost concerns. This latter point is far from being a detail given that the prices of the different services involved vary significantly from one provider to another, being justified or not by the quality of the service provided.

From the first day of acquisition and at the various stages of the delivery (see “Managing yacht transportation and all required yachts escorts”) our services include at the barest minimum:

  • Arrangement and settlement of the berthing facilities at the place of acquisition, including cleaning, maintenance and if needed surveillance of the yacht,
  • Arranging Insurance coverage, starting from the acquisition date until the unloading date, covering the yacht in its acquisition region
  • Arrangements of the formalities related to the choice of the flag,
  • Arrangements of the formalities related to the radio,
  • Arrangement and settlement of the berthing facilities at the place of loading, including cleaning, maintenance and if needed surveillance of the yacht,
  • Before loading, arrangements of all the related formalities of departure e.g. immigration, customs clearance, port authorizations, etc…
  • Before loading, insurance coverage covering the yacht during transport,
  • Before arrival at the port of unloading, arrangements of all the formalities of arrival (immigration, customs clearance, port authorizations, etc…),
  • Arranging insurance with coverage of yacht in the waters and port of unloading,
  • Arrangement and settlement of the berthing facilities at the place of unloading, including cleaning, maintenance and if needed surveillance of the yacht,
  • Arranging insurance protection covering yacht during its transport from the port of unloading to final destination,
  • Proceeding with the formalities of immigration and importation at the final marina of destination.

We establish from the date of acquisition to the final handing over at the marina of destination, a comprehensive Weekly Status Report and a Monthly Account Statement in order to keep you informed on an ongoing basis .

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As a key part of the post-acquisition and delivery logistics, our services include in this respect:

  • Careful selection, amongst the dozens of quotations requested, of the single most appropriate carrier depending on the available routes between the nearest ports of loading (from the marina of departure), to the nearest point of unloading (to the marina of destination).
    This is a time consuming but highly valuable search as we have experienced differences in the cost of shipping in a ratio from 1 to 3 depending on the appropriateness of the options taken for the transport and the carriers chosen.
  • Escorting of your yacht from the marina where she has been purchased to the closest marina to the port of loading i.e. hiring a crew, and relevant formalities
  • On departure, on the day of loading, escorting of your yacht from the marina to the ship and supervision of the loading i.e. hiring a crew, and relevant formalities
  • On arrival, on the day of unloading, escorting of your yacht from the ship to the closest marina to the port of unloading i.e. hiring a crew, and relevant formalities
  • Escorting of your yacht from the marina of the port of unloading to the marina of final destination in your country i.e. hiring a crew, and relevant formalities

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