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We are only dedicated to our mission of “Yachts Hunting”, to the exclusion of all other competing brokerage activities practiced by most of the other professionals which can evidently give rise to potential conflict of interests, in particular between the “Buy side” and the “Sell side”. Our ethics are not compromised by any such conflicting interests.

In some professions the separation between the “buy side” and “sell side”  is enshrined in law so as to avoid  any  confusion of interests and prejudice to clients.  This is not however the case in relation to the yachting brokerage profession.

The vast majority of yacht brokers and brokerage websites allege to propose you a specific search for a yacht matching with your dreams. You can however notice that their offering to buyers is based on the sale of yachts for which they have received a sell mandate.

Even if such conflict of interests are not reprehensible, they nevertheless beg the question on the extent to which the interests and needs of the Buyer are genuinely taken into account and catered for in the best manner. How then can they not resist giving privilege to products already in their own portfolio (or Correspondents portfolios) which evidently are more lucrative in terms of commissions?

You can also note that yachts chartered by certain professionals can be found in their portfolio of yachts for sale.

For our part we have decided   not to accept any sell mandates the characteristics of which could be ethically incompatible with buy mandates received from our clients.

We have no mission other than buying on behalf of our clients. We do not have any portfolio of yachts to sell and we are not engaged in any other activity that would in any way undermine our exclusive focus on serving the needs of the buyers we represent.

Furthermore, we grant a special attention in applying strict product suitability principles irrespective of whether it could potentially result in us losing some prospective clients. Such principles begin with not advising the purchase of any yacht unless we are deeply and personally convinced that it meets the needs of our client. They continue with us not accepting a mandate without having ensured ourselves that first time buyers (not necessary for more experienced users) are fully informed and aware on the care taking and costs that are involved in owning a yacht, so that they can assume them without any difficulty. Beyond the acquisition of a yacht, its use and up-keep are a real high end luxury for which however the unlimited pleasures involved necessitate a clear and transparent communication.

We observe that our exclusive commitment and ethics constitute a real positive advantage and differentiating factor for us within our profession

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