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We offer a completely integrated one-stop service, from the acquisition of the yacht to its delivery to your desired destination.

Immediately upon signature of the purchase acquisition, and well before the transport of his yacht, the new owner needs to meet his obligations in the marina where the yacht is moored. Follows on the organization of the complex logistics linked to the transport of the yacht. The mission of the broker ends at the transfer of ownership, the following steps not being in his domain of responsibility.

We offer you a complete and integrated service with one point of contact for all phases of the process.

It is then necessary to organize the complex logistics related to transport, commencing with the choice of route, the transport company and the multiple actors that will have a role, in one capacity or another, in the process of bringing the yacht to its new mooring.

Not many (not to say no broker) will propose to take charge of the inevitable administrative formalities and indeed obstacles that begin with the signing of the purchase acquisition and do not end until the buyer has taken possession of his yacht; obstacles that are amplified and even more difficult to surmount due to the distances involved, different time zones etc…etc…

Taking care of all of the formalities is part and parcel of what we do and in fact for us the signature of the purchase agreement is just the first act in a two-part-performance. In the second act we transition from being the buyer representative to the manager of your yacht. Right up until the key hand-over ceremony you will benefit from a perfect continuity of service and peace of mind with the same point of contact throughout.

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