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We are a “Yacht Hunter” and not a typical “yachts brokerage agency”. Our hunting ground, to which we give you access, is the entire world. Our mission is to Search, Advise and Buy according to the specific requirements of each of our clients.

A typical brokerage agency only provides you with its own listings of yachts which are available locally, or abroad if the brokerage firm has international connections.

Notwithstanding the size and the network of the existing brokerage agencies, the extent of their offering through their own listings are typically very limited when compared to the plethoric offer resulting from the websites of all the brokerage agencies worldwide, no matter their size no matter the country where they are located.

Even contacting all the brokerage firms which are present or represented in your country will give you a very limited choice in terms of models, price, age of the yacht, etc…(it is what we could call a choice by default) when compared to the powerful results of the search, matching exactly your needs, which we will conduct only for you. We can do such an extensive search, through the websites of most, if not all of the brokers,in the world, thanks in particular to our dedicated IT tool developed in house, and our dedicated research team.

Yes it is more a “Hunt” by nature. Yes, only we can offer you a unique access to the world market and to allow you to make your choice and get the best from this world-wide market.

To be complete, we should add that a worldwide specific search is rather common for super and mega yachts, which we do also. Nevertheless extending and opening the same type of exclusive search and service for yachts in a range of 15 to 30 meters plus is unique, as it requires a different and appropriate organization, experience, team, tools, methods, mindset and everything else which we explained in detail in our website. 

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